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When did this happen?

I’m at a bachelorette party tonight. My own sister’s. Should be ripping it up. Party all night like it’s 1999 or all that jazz. Instead I’m staring at my clock. Sipping water because, jeez people, I gotta get up and … Continue reading

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Your body knows

This is your body on healthy foods:   Notice the colorful nutrient-rich foods? The bright shiny sun rays that seem to be emitting from within? The bright blue skies that make you want to get up and go on a … Continue reading

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Sparking of a memory

Is there something that instantly brings you back to a time that you loved? No matter how strange the connection, it immediately makes you long for one moment in time that brought that simple joy you felt? There are lots … Continue reading

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The end of the world has come

Dramatic title, no?  Well, it is so dramatic because this post is full of drama.  You all know that volcano that is erupting in Iceland?  The one that’s causing flights to be cancelled everywhere, leaving fliers stranded in other countries, anxious … Continue reading

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Big Changes

How amazing is it that my little boy can go from THIS: To THIS: In just 6 incredibly short months. 

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New Look… same GREAT blog!

Okay, it’s a new look, and the same blog, but GREAT is a matter of opinion 🙂  Stay tuned!

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When I wish I could be inappropriate…

This morning, on one of my many procrastinating visits to Facebook, I saw that my mother-in-law wrote to Dave’s aunt to say happy birthday.  She also said that she hopes “Worthy (her horse) gives you a good ride”.  What I … Continue reading

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