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One Reason Why I Could Be Categorized As Pathetic :)

Every Wednesday when I get home from work I run right to the TV (ok, to make you think I’m not a neglectful mother, I talk to my baby as well) and immediately hit up the DVR list.  I must get … Continue reading

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A beef with Hollywood

Well, maybe not Hollywood, perhaps the media… Or maybe us star-struck, gossip hungry Americans that create the need for the media to report on the ridiculousness of the stars.  I am guilty…. I know this.  My morning routine is to … Continue reading

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Is it the teen moms, or the hormones that get me every time?

For my day of “working from home”, with the inability to get ANYTHING done except during nap times, I decided to catch up on many of my DVRed shows, 99% of which Dave refuses to watch with me.  Since Owen can’t voice his … Continue reading

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Stacy and Clinton, what about ME??

Every day, I spend my lunch hour at my mom’s who conveniently lives within walking distance from work.  To be honest, I could probably go to the cafeteria with the rest of my co-workers, however, I dislike most of them, … Continue reading

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