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The love between husband and wife

Actual conversation between me and my husband…. Because, you know, we’re so loving and all. Dave (12:51 PM):  Is Summer’s Eve a douche? Or did I pick up the wrong stuff? Krista (12:53 PM):  haha, yes, it is Krista (12:53 … Continue reading

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Let’s recap

Let me tell you about my week. I had one of those weeks. One of those weeks that starts off with my alarm being set for 5:40 pm, rather than 5:40 am.  One of those weeks where you pack up … Continue reading

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Is it hot in here?

You may not know what this is, but I do: This is life-changing, relaxing, skin cleaning, HOT water.  I was hoping for some glorious steamy shot (heh, that’s what she said), but unfortunately the setting isn’t hot enough for steam, … Continue reading

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Today, let’s talk about enemies.  Quite a melancholy topic to discuss before one of the best weekends of the summer, but enemies have taken over my week, brought me —->this close<—- to a mental breakdown, and created that “last straw,” … Continue reading

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Stacy and Clinton, this is NO joke

I’ve already posted to Stacy and Clinton to let them know just how desperately I need a complete transformation.  I’m dressing for the job I had right out of college, rather than the CEO position I’m aiming for, which is … Continue reading

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Welcome to Trashville… population me.

So, I committed trashville blunder #1 today… I went into a liquor store…. WITH my baby.  I mosied on in, stroller and all, and perused each aisle looking for the perfect wine and beer.  This is something I promised I would never … Continue reading

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