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That month I potty trained

You read that right, MONTH. and really, let’s be honest, it was way longer than a month, and will continue for quite some time because when you have a stubborn child such as mine who also can play dumb better … Continue reading

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Even ‘for better or worse’ has its limits

Things I would not accept from my husband, even though we promised ‘for better or worse’: His chewed food in my hands His snot on my sleeve His mouth near my boob His stinky feet in my face His farts on my … Continue reading

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The difference between a good mother, and a bad one

Sometimes you just want to sit your kid(s) down and say “Look, you’re being an asshole.” Don’t lie, you know you’ve thought it. Like when you’re on the third time out in, like 15 minutes? Or when the toys you … Continue reading

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I know what I’m not

Week 2. Sitting at a desk, staring intently at a computer screen. Fully back into the chaos of the corporate world. No chance to ease into my routine. Not a beat skipped or a project forgotten. Week 1. Should be sad. Leaving him … Continue reading

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He was a C-section right???

People? I ejected a human being effortlessly at warp speed from my nether regions. An offspring that we were estimating to be about 8 lbs, a breeze compared to the 9 lb delivery I had just two short years ago. After approximately … Continue reading

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And what’s another?

I had sex last night. ::GASP:: Not just any kind of sex. Pure, just the way God intended, baby-making sex. (::looking around:: my family doesn’t read this, right?) Sigh of relief There, I said it. Dave and I started Day … Continue reading

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Nighttime conversations

Screaming. ::rock back::rock forth::rock back:: rock forth:: Bottle in mouth. Bottle pushed out of mouth. Don’t you want your bottle? No. You do not want your bottle. ::rock back::rock forth::rock back:: rock forth:: Do you want to lay on my … Continue reading

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