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One big cruel joke

You know, this miracle of life process that I’m going through sure has a happy ending, however, getting to that magic moment of delivery is cruel, painful, and not only makes most of my own day and night miserable, but … Continue reading

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And what’s another?

I had sex last night. ::GASP:: Not just any kind of sex. Pure, just the way God intended, baby-making sex. (::looking around:: my family doesn’t read this, right?) Sigh of relief There, I said it. Dave and I started Day … Continue reading

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Legitimate babies and bags of barf

Mark and Jenn’s wedding was all set for July 2010.  Until by the grace of God, He made their due date the first week in August 🙂  And with that, Mark and Jenn’s wedding was all set for this past … Continue reading

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Let the bareback romps begin!

Let me preface this by saying, this is not a child friendly post… so all of you kiddos out there, please direct yourselves elsewhere…:) Now… where was I?  Oh yes, the good ol’ marital act, just as it was meant … Continue reading

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Can you feel that?

Normally this sounds like a “that’s what HE said” comment.  (Insert small penis joke here).  However, this is actually a “that’s what SHE said” comment.  And yes, it’s dirty.  When Dave and I were given the clearance to once again resume … Continue reading

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I’m a little bit naughty… a lot uncomfortable

You know those sexual work dreams (well, maybe you don’t) where something naughty happens with a co-worker and the next day you walk into work feeling ashamed and uncomfortable?   When you’re scared to bump into said accomplice because you are … Continue reading

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