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That month I potty trained

You read that right, MONTH. and really, let’s be honest, it was way longer than a month, and will continue for quite some time because when you have a stubborn child such as mine who also can play dumb better … Continue reading

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Snails and puppy dogs tails… with a little sugar and spice on the side

Owen? Is a boy. Through and through. He keeps me on my toes and chances are good that at least one person is in danger at any given time due to his lack of ability to contain his inner monster. … Continue reading

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I’m bad with “wordless”

Just one indication of how totally hilarious it is to live with this child. He totally *gets* humor.

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My True Joys of Motherhood

You know what melts my heart? This:  And this: And especially this: No matter how Owen is acting (side note: KING of tantrums), his ability to be the best big brother never wavers. He can be mid-cry, mid-stomp, mid-scream and will … Continue reading

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He was a C-section right???

People? I ejected a human being effortlessly at warp speed from my nether regions. An offspring that we were estimating to be about 8 lbs, a breeze compared to the 9 lb delivery I had just two short years ago. After approximately … Continue reading

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In hopes he’ll be supporting me someday

I’m a proud mama. ALL.THE.TIME.  But when I got this in an email last week? I DIED. No, I CRIED. A while back, at the advice of my best friend (who works for Robeez, so yes, there was a little nepotism … Continue reading

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