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It ain’t all coos and cuddles

Moms lie. No joke. For years all I’ve heard is that birth is a beautiful thing, a “miracle,” if you will. And the bonding that a mother and child have during the first few months is priceless. I can’t argue … Continue reading

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He was a C-section right???

People? I ejected a human being effortlessly at warp speed from my nether regions. An offspring that we were estimating to be about 8 lbs, a breeze compared to the 9 lb delivery I had just two short years ago. After approximately … Continue reading

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2nd Tri, so nice to see you!

And here we are, officially in the 2nd trimester, 14 weeks along. People are starting to notice I’m getting rotund, and not in the awful muffin top way. I am starting to have a lot more of an emotional attachment … Continue reading

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13 Week Update

And so we’ve made it to 13 weeks, which is starting to freak me out because I realized yesterday that I only have to do this time stretch 2 more times and then we have a baby. Holy Moly. 27 … Continue reading

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12 WEEKS!!!

I had no other title for this post. We’ve made it to the milestone. That big week that allows us to breathe that sigh of relief. The week that finally lets me shout it from the rooftops, I’M PREGNANT!!! First … Continue reading

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One big cruel joke

You know, this miracle of life process that I’m going through sure has a happy ending, however, getting to that magic moment of delivery is cruel, painful, and not only makes most of my own day and night miserable, but … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to you, too, lady.

I don’t exaggerate when I say I spend most of my free time at Target. I’m sure you can all relate. Cheap diapers, essential food items, cute toddler clothes, the works. And sometimes it seems to be second nature to … Continue reading

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