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Content with the same

I haven’t done a McFatty Monday post in 3 weeks, and that’s just fine because I’m the exact same weight as I was then. Which I am perfectly happy with!  I know I did go down a couple of times, as … Continue reading

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So effing sick of excuses!

I’ve been away from McFatty for quite some time now, but seriously, it’s not because I’m where I want to be and now living life as a sexy, skinny mama… quite far from it.  And the excuses have taken over my … Continue reading

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I need a whip

What happens when you buy new clothes that fit you and have people telling you just how “skinny” you look???  You get lazy.  Or at least I do.  Not that I was all that crazy motivated before this week anyway, … Continue reading

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Interpret this one…

Many believe that every dream has some meaning.  Whether its a literal interpretation where the fear or event in your dreams is a fear or event happening in your real life at the time, or there’s some deep meaning behind all … Continue reading

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McFatty Who?

Oh hey!! Remember me??? Probably not.  I haven’t posted anything in almost 3 weeks, let alone done anything related to my McFatty ass!  But, in reality, there’s not too much to update.  I’m about the same as I was 3 weeks ago, which … Continue reading

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Pre-WHAT??? Pre…. WEDDING????

Yes, that’s right folks, PRE-WEDDING weight.  Not that at my wedding I was by any means at my lightest, but it’s just something for me to compare to and check off as one little milestone.  A few weeks back (yeah, … Continue reading

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Measures of success

Have you ever watched the trainwreck that is “Celebrity Fit Club”?  Well, I am sorry if you have, but it’s just another one of my frequent guilty pleasures.  You know how every week Ant says (or now the panel because … Continue reading

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