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Sh*t, dude

I guess that is all I can say. It’s been well over a year since I last posted, and literally there isn’t a day that goes by that I still don’t blog in my mind, thinking of what post I … Continue reading

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‘Tis my season

Today the holiday music started on SiriusXM. Already playing on two local stations. Two weeks ago holiday cups were brought out at Starbucks. Peppermint Mochas and Gingerbread Lattes adorn the menu. Last night our TV listings created more excitement than … Continue reading

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The endless cycle

Sunday night. Same routine every week. A reminder that there’s never enough time to get everything done. A reminder that yet another week will pass, the same as the last. Go. Go. Go. Bath time. Book time. Good night to … Continue reading

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Cartoons should be real

Caillou’s parents make it look so easy. Always the right thing to say, the right activities, perfect trips to whatever Target-esque store they frequent. Quick to avoid tantrums with a simple “I don’t think that’s appropriate” and somehow divert all … Continue reading

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Even ‘for better or worse’ has its limits

Things I would not¬†accept from my¬†husband, even though we promised ‘for better or worse’: His chewed food in my hands His snot on my sleeve His mouth near my boob His stinky feet in my face His farts on my … Continue reading

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The difference between a good mother, and a bad one

Sometimes you just want to sit your kid(s) down and say “Look, you’re being an asshole.” Don’t lie, you know you’ve thought it. Like when you’re on the third time out in, like 15 minutes? Or when the toys you … Continue reading

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The process of deterioration

It has been 100 days since I’ve slept. 100 days since my head hit the pillow and no one awoke me by crying. 100 days since I could fall asleep knowing that I will wake up feeling alive and rejuvenated. … Continue reading

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