That month I potty trained

You read that right, MONTH. and really, let’s be honest, it was way longer than a month, and will continue for quite some time because when you have a stubborn child such as mine who also can play dumb better than any other, you have your work cut out for you.

The websites sell it so well…”Potty train in one weekend!!”….”Sure ways to potty train!”…

None of those writers have EVER dealt with my child. Owen can literally spend 3 hours convincing you he hates chocolate if it means he gets to be right and prove you wrong. When clearly, people, the kid loves chocolate. I knew it would not be easy, and considering up until that month, any attempt or even suggestion that Owen sit on the potty was equal to me telling him I was going to cut off his toes, “not be easy” is a very extreme understatement.

But it was time. We were too close to his 4th birthday and I was not going to be that mom with a 4 year old who wasn’t potty trained. I spent an hour at Target… stocking up on all of the things the websites told me. Several bribes, whether it be candy or small toys. I stayed up one night creating the most kick ass sticker chart you’ll ever see. And look! If you fill it up, you get a BIG TOY!!!

Except Owen spent a very long time telling me he hates stickers. He hates toys. And can you believe it? Surprise, surprise, he even hates candy.

I had a 4 day weekend. It was time. It was going to be hard. I knew there would be tears… most likely mine. I wasn’t ready for the next 4 days. And I’m proud I survived.

The first day I went easy on him. Set the timer and let him sit on it as long as he wanted. Most of the time he was back up before his butt even hit the seat. But that’s okay, I considered anything progress. I warned him that the next day we would be spending more time on the potty, and gave him the rules for the stickers, candy and prizes.

owen pottyThe next day it was full speed ahead. Except he refused. Hours were spent in the bathroom like this. Him crying. Me crying. Lucas in the next room wondering why I was losing my mind. I told him he could leave the bathroom if he just sat on the potty… but he wouldn’t. So he sat there… naked… crying… breaking my heart…

I’m so proud of myself that I didn’t give up. So many times I thought it would just be easier to keep him in diapers until he just one day decided to do it. But I’m a pushover way too much of the time, and this was not going to be one of those times. By the end of the weekend we had made progress…. I considered it a win.

The next weekend took us back a step or two, as they were with Dave and he wasn’t too anxious to force, or even “reinforce,” the training. For the next couple of weeks it was hit or miss. If he wanted to go on the potty, he would. If he didn’t, he would hold it until I wasn’t looking. And after a month I was so sick of cleaning that damn potty on the floor (and all of the pee surrounding it!) that I secretly missed diapers and their containing properties.

And then one day, over a month after that painful weekend, I convinced him to finally stand up and use the big potty. HALLELUJAH. He was like a kid on Christmas. I’m not sure what it is about boys and the luxury of peeing standing up, but it hit him. It was the best idea ever. And he has only had one accident since.

I am convinced he’ll poop in his pants for the rest of his life though…

I’ll call it a success… they make pull ups for a reason.


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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