The heart of it is my heart

Day 1. NaBloPoMo. I’m ready. I’m heading in the direction I’ve been attempting to force myself in for over a year. Write every day. For thirty days. And what better way to begin than to question why it is that I love to write.

Such a simple question, yet not so easy. After all, I’m an engineer at heart. I may have ventured my way into marketing, but we engineers know not how to write. So what lured me in almost 2 short years ago to bring me to actually put thoughts to screen?

The exact prompt for today is “What is your favorite part about writing?” JUST ONE PART??? How is this possible? When I try to narrow my feelings to just one, I’m flooded with thoughts, screaming at me to take first place. It’s the me-time. The laughing, the crying. It’s the reflection, the ability to get lost in my thoughts. It’s about escaping from the day to day, even if that’s exactly what I’m writing about. It’s the friendships I’ve formed, it’s the comments filled with “me too!” It’s the hope that I’ve not only just made myself smile with a post, but I’ve done the same for someone else.

If I wrap all of these reasons into one, it points to one thing. It’s my heart. Doing this makes me….feel. It brightens my heart when I’m writing about my babies. It purges the stress when I complain about the hardships. It keeps me laughing to be able to look back and see just how much has changed in such a short time. It gives me hope. It brings me to life. Every emotion felt in my heart. And that is why I write.

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About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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One Response to The heart of it is my heart

  1. Jenn says:

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo! I’m having fun with it, but it sure takes some discipline!!!!

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