Real life isn’t always an excuse

Every time I see this commercial I laugh.

Laugh, like, OUT.LOUD. Why? Because it’s so real life. I will think of any excuse not to go to the gym, no matter how insane it is. Most of the time it’s the tried-and-true “I’m just too tired.” Which, let’s face it, as a mom with a 15 month old, when am I not tired???

I haven’t gone to the gym in weeks. Weeks. Mainly because Dave worked until about 8 every night for 3 weeks, and going to the gym at 8 when you go to bed at 9? Just not going to happen. And this week we’ll be enjoying the warmth of Georgia and eating lots of holiday favorites, so no way I’ll be getting a run in. I’m hoping to get Owen out for a few walks though since you can go outside there without seeing your breath.

But how long can we use life as an excuse? We’ve been doing it since the dawn of time, I’m pretty sure, and though I’ve gotten much better about excuses and the “what’s one McDonald’s burger really going to do?” mind-set, when do I get into that motivated place where if I’m tired, the only solution in my mind is the gym?? I have to face the fact that I’m always going to be tired. I’m a working mom with a very young child. I have a home, obligations, a family, a life. When do I switch gears and instead of taking an hour to make sure the floors are vacuumed again, I take an hour to run on the treadmill? I’m hoping after Thanksgiving is over and Dave’s late hours are done, that I’ll regain that time for me, the time that, when I’m there, I LOVE. I love being at the gym, no really. Me, all me, in my own mind, my own thoughts, some adrenaline pumping music that always sends those thoughts to a happy place rather than a stressed place. Again. Soon. When life isn’t in the way. (SEE? There’s that excuse again!)

But, due to recent circumstances, I will no longer be on the McFatty loss plan. However, I will be on the “I better not gain any weight this first trimester” plan, because when you’re already hitting the upper limit of the healthy range, there’s no excuse to gain any extra weight just because the weight loss has been put on hold!


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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2 Responses to Real life isn’t always an excuse

  1. Mama Durso says:

    HILARIOUS commercial! And oh so true. It’s hard being in the first trimester during the holidays; your mindset and the mindset of everyone around you is “you’re eating for two!” so it almost gives you carte blanche to eat whatever you want… but in the back of your mind you know better. Yeah, just unloading my own feelings. 🙂

  2. D says:

    Congrats!! Saw this post before your other one! 🙂 Don’t let people tell you it’s eat for two… they recommend 300 extra calories. That’s it (and so disappointing!)! Here’s to happy and health 9 months momma!

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