Let’s recap

Let me tell you about my week.

I had one of those weeks.

One of those weeks that starts off with my alarm being set for 5:40 pm, rather than 5:40 am. 

One of those weeks where you pack up your breakfast and lunch and have all of your points planned for the day.  Then you leave it all on the counter.

One of those weeks where after 10 days on antibiotics your dog’s urine goes from being bloody, to looking like motor oil.

One of those weeks where you have a headache for 5 days, but no matter what you do, it won’t go away.

One of those weeks where you were supposed to be offered a job, but weren’t.

One of those weeks where your baby projectile vomits all over your car.  On your way to see your dad who you haven’t seen in 2 years (post for a later date).  And even though you thought you got it all cleaned up and everything put through the washing machine, the next day you still smell it and can’t find the source.

One of those weeks where you get your period a week early, unprepared, and it’s bad.

And to top it off, you come home and find your dogs, and house, stinking of skunk.  Because either they have been sprayed by, or caught a skunk.  And at the same time find this guy in your basement, who might also smell like skunk.

And no matter what you do, what you clean, or how many times you bathe your animals or shower yourself, that smell won’t go away.  And people at work notice, and you wonder just how many people think you smell and aren’t saying anything.  Which then makes you the smelly person at work.  Thank you dogs, now I’m the smelly person.

So many “remedies”:

Still smells here. 

Kindof makes it worth it though when your husband goes into a store and buys 3 boxes of douche 🙂  Have I mentioned my life is like a sitcom?  Yeah, kindof.


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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3 Responses to Let’s recap

  1. Ashley says:

    I shouldn’t laugh, because that really sucks, but its also funny, your life is like a sitcom. But just think, aren’t you so glad you don’t have to worry about all this without hot water?

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