So effing sick of excuses!

I’ve been away from McFatty for quite some time now, but seriously, it’s not because I’m where I want to be and now living life as a sexy, skinny mama… quite far from it.  And the excuses have taken over my life, and yet, still, I do nothing about it.  And nothing says “you need McFatty Monday” more than:

  1. your pants slowly not fitting again until you have to suck in till your face turns blue just to button them.
  2. your go-to dinner when you don’t feel like cooking is nachos… with a full bag of cheese, and sour cream… neither of the low-fat variety. and you never feel like cooking. you do the math.
  3. your baby is almost 1 year old (don’t make me say that again, I still can’t say it without crying) and you still haven’t lost all the weight you want to lose.
  4. you bend over in the public working area in your office and as your rib fat meets your stomach fat, the squeezing creates an audible fart noise.  that’s right, my rolls of fat farted from the oozing blubber meeting and releasing trapped air.  This should be number 1.
  5. You see pictures like this:

Or this:

These girls have my same frame, same initial weights (give or take) and did it.  Granted they were paid to do it, I wish that could be the case for me, and it was seriously their job to get it done.  My job?  Nights, days, and weekends of my full time job plus a baby, a home, a husband, a family.  But what is my excuse???  Seriously, I don’t have one.  If my work doesn’t all get done, shouldn’t I voice concern to my boss?  I’m suffering, I can’t get it all done.  I used to work out when Owen went to bed at 7, and he consistently goes to bed at 7.  I was walking every night with him until a couple of months ago when work got out of control and the 102 degree heat wave set in… what’s my excuse now? 

Exactly, I don’t have one.  Blair manages to find the time.  Her commute is over an hour longer than mine.  Over an hour.   She mentions time and time again the need for exercise as therapy, and the results help her feel better, the cycle of exercise makes you feel good, and the results of that exercise keep you going and feeling good.  I need that. But I don’t give myself that.  And after a flubberous fart awakening, I’m gonna give it to myself.  For me.  Not for anyone else, but for me. 

I know I’ll find other excuses.   A million are coming to mind right now, but I’m going to try again.  For real.  I’m tired, overwhelmed, and hate everything about myself, wouldn’t a little me-time and healthy living improve that?  I sure as h-double-hockeysticks hope so. 

In response to Blair’s question, what challenge can I give myself?  One that I hope to do, but maybe not so quickly is to not get Starbucks anymore.  One, the calories are horrendous.  I only like high calorie coffees, and two, we’re poorer than dirt right now, our new furnace and boiler are daily reminders of that.  $4.52 a day in coffee that’s only going to make me fatter and fatter?  Seems like a no-brainer to cut that out.  Baby steps though, perhaps I can cut down to 2 days a week?  But for this week, my challenge (which I believe was my challenge the last time I returned to McFatty Monday) is going to be to full out Weight Watcher it.  Count every point.  See the results.  Unfortunately I can’t afford the monthly cost of weight watchers right now, which is definitely my choice of weight loss management, but I know the basics, I can calculate the points.  With a new job (cross your fingers) I can then perhaps splurge for this me-bettering investment, but for now, it’ll be the Krista off-line no meeting version of weight watchers. 

My weight: 170.4 lbs. 

My size:  12

Week 1. 


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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5 Responses to So effing sick of excuses!

  1. Mrs. Priss says:

    You will totally do it!! My mom has lost and kept off about 70lbs with Weight Watchers and she had only been to a few meetings… and they were a few years ago! And good luck cutting down on the coffee… that is seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever tried doing, and I’ll lift you high on my Hero pedestal for pulling it off.

  2. OMG your flubber fart comments had me ROLLING. I’ve so totally been there.

    Seriously though, I’m in a very similar situation to yours. I lost about 15 lbs but now my weight loss has stalled and I can’t seem to get my motivation back. You can do it. I’m doing WW as well, I think it’s the best way to drop pounds. I think your goal of no more Starbucks is a great one.
    Good luck!

  3. Heidi-D says:

    We are SOOO on the same page… I have faith! You’ll get there!!!

    If you want to link up to our McFatty Monday’s, stop by my blog. It is completely with Blair’s permission… So we’d love to have you!

  4. Apparently P says:

    Thanks for your comments — as you already know, I’m right there with you! Well except my go to meal when I don’t feel like cooking is take-out pizza. And that is usually accompanied with mozzarella sticks or bread sticks. Good luck! I bet we can both do it if we put our minds to it!

  5. You can TOTALLY DO IT.

    Also? I busted out laughing at the fat fart. Because I know first-hand exactly what you are talking about. I should be humiliated, but I’m not.

    & dude…if I didn’t have my psychiatrist drilling it into me every week about exercise, I don’t know if I’d manage to do it! But seriously, give it a try, even for just 15 minutes each night. I PROMISE, you’ll feel better!

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