How great is it that “hey” is the word for hello in Swedish?  Makes my life much easier.  If you want to go crazy, sometimes they even say “hey hey”.  Funny though, I couldn’t bring myself to say it all that often when I spent 9 days there in June.  Why?  Because, to me, “hey” is informal, something you would say to someone you know very well when you’re not having a great day and you want them to say “are you alright?”  And somehow, if I were to say “hey” to those I needed to talk to, they would know I was being rude, even though the other million people around me used that exact word.  I’m crazy, I know, but we all knew that already.

So anyway, I’ll only do a recap of this amazing trip that my entire family went on.  I’ve started this post like 4 times in the past month because 1.) I have NO time to finish it because I’m working day and night and chasing a 10 month old crawling maniac around my house, and 2.) how do I do this trip justice in one post?  Well, I can’t, but the one thing I do remember that I’ll focus on since it’s been 6 weeks since I went and this one thing stuck out the most:  My baby grew up right before my eyes.

I’m used to Owen fighting me on pretty much everything.  Eating, sleeping, crawling, any milestone or activity that, if he cooperated, would make my life incredibly easy (hey, they say motherhood is a tough job… agreed).  But from the second we left for the airport, something changed, 7 hour flight broken up in two, cooped up on my lap?? perfect.  6 hour days in a stroller? perfect.  EATING?? after 9 months my child finally decided he likes food, something I thought would never happened.  I always pictured my child at 18, still drinking formula.  All of a sudden, food is his best friend… and Sweden? Thank you for swedish meatballs, without you, my baby may have never realized that food is not just a chore, it’s enjoyable. 

Thank you Ikea high chairs, meatballs, and potatoes.  Without your perfect combination I don’t know where we’d be today.  Our other milestone?? TEETH!!  Again, I pictured my grown son eating baby food and applesauce forever, when were these things going to come in??  Well, we had our answer when on the second day of our trip, not one, but two white bumps popped through his little pink gums.  Thank you Lord, looks like my baby will grow up afterall. 

I know there were more, and I remember leaving Sweden with this whole new outlook on raising Owen.  I cried at the amazement I had with how much he grew in just one week, and how much I enjoyed spending 9 days, 24 hours each with him, something I haven’t done since he was 8 weeks old, which to me, seems like an eternity ago. 

Oh, the trip was great too 🙂  The scenery alone was worth the trip.  Amazing museums, palaces, and a 5-star hotel smorgasbord that was worth every penny.  Spending all that time with my mom, sisters, brother-in-law, nephew, Dave, and Owen was the perfect get-away.  Granted it’s a little different experience with two infants, but still enjoyable.  Perhaps my next trip will be sans babies, but who knows when that will happen!!  I’d love to give a day-by-day overview, but seriously, I could go on forever, and perhaps when I have another minute (or 60) I’ll put together a little montage of pictures (wait, a montage requires cheesy music huh?). It would be great to do a slideshow, and perhaps I’ll try soon, but apparently my picasa slideshow cannot be embedded here.. booo.


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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