Today, let’s talk about enemies.  Quite a melancholy topic to discuss before one of the best weekends of the summer, but enemies have taken over my week, brought me —->this close<—- to a mental breakdown, and created that “last straw,” if you will. 

Let me introduce you to enemy number 1.  The guy who started my week off with a bang.  Or a loud whimper. 

This… is a porcupine.  A porcupine that, according to neighbors, climbed a tree and made its way into my yard.  My yard that, while we aren’t home, my two DOGS have free reign of.  My dogs that, when I came home Sunday night after a wonderful day, feeling positive about my week, came inside looking something like this:

Now, this is NOT my dog… Looking back I wish I was calm enough to take some pictures, but instead I was freaking out while Owen was screaming as both dogs were frantically trying to get me to help them.  In a panic I called Dave, he rushed home while Owen and I waited sitting on the table, yes, the TABLE because we were both so upset.  Thank goodness I have a husband that can remain somewhat calm and transport our poor babies to the emergency room, where they would spend the night and cost us $1300 to have them put under in order to spend hours plucking each needle out individually.  YES, one thousand-three hundred dollars.  They are our children, worth every penny, however, it was quite a hit and obviously money we do NOT have considering I’m still in the pitiful position I have been in since last we spoke, and are barely catching up with debt. 

Notice that this little sh*t of a thing does not have many quills left?  That is because they were all in my dogs’ faces.  And then he had the nerve to stick around.  And, since I live in trashville, my drunken neighbors took it upon themselves to “take care” of my enemy since the police and animal control would not.  I am not one for cruelty to animals.  Every living creature deserves a chance, deserves happiness…. except this one.  He wouldn’t leave, he cost me lots and lots of money, and let’s just say, the situation was not handled humanely, and I couldn’t watch, but unfortunately, had we just moved him and let him on his way, I was risking that another $1300 would be spent in the very near future.  A risk I was not willing to take. 

So, things have got to get better as we move into Monday, correct? That wouldn’t make a very good post about enemies (in the plural), now would it??  No, not at all.  Because Monday night, as we came home, cuddling with our puppies to comfort them after their traumatic ordeal, we realized that one of the smoke alarms downstairs was whaling intermittently.  Annoying, probably a dead battery.  Dave finally went down to pull it off the ceiling and realized that, in fact, it was not a dead battery, but an occasional reaction to the smoke that was billowing from our laundry room.  Smoke that passed through this laundry room from the source just beyond a second door.  The source? 

Enemy number 2.  Our hot water heater/furnace.  A stupid piece of junk that has been dying for over a year.  Junk that we’ve been throwing money at for the entire year to keep alive, in hopes that we could hold off just… that… much…. longer spending a boat load of money on to replace.

That hope is over, my friends. 

We thought the vet bill was bad.  So, as I sit here, unshowered for the last 36 hours because showering is quite inconvenient when you have to drive to the next town to do so, I sigh.  I had some delusional idea that we were getting back on track.  This crazy thought that soon we could start spending money on ourselves, not debt.  Oh silly Krista.  I also had this batty dream that, maybe, just maybe, I would get a new job, one that pays me what I’m worth, and we could celebrate that extra money with one last hoorah before we go off and do a silly thing like get pregnant again, which will be soon;)  One last adventure to my favorite and the most magical place on earth.

Let us all say a prayer for that dead dream. ::wipes single tear from cheek in dramatic fashion::


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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2 Responses to Enemies

  1. mrs. joe says:

    I’m sorry that you’re having such rotten luck! I know how you feel about your job and I’m hoping and praying it changes for both of us soon. You can come with me on my next Disney trip- maybe by then we’ll both be debt free (& I’ll be a mom) HANG IN THERE!! Hope your babies feel better!

    • Krista says:

      It gets even better, we woke up this morning to one of our dogs not walking on her front legs… Vet, here we come!! Haha, when it rains, it pours!

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