A beef with Hollywood

Well, maybe not Hollywood, perhaps the media… Or maybe us star-struck, gossip hungry Americans that create the need for the media to report on the ridiculousness of the stars. 

I am guilty…. I know this.  My morning routine is to first check People.com to catch up on any gossip that I might have missed overnight.  I mean, seriously, what if Brad and Angelina were in another fight?  What if another tattooed hussy came forward to claim Jesse James?  I obviously could not live with myself if I was behind on all of those incredibly stupid important matters. 

Well, I had to draw the line yesterday.  After lunch I went back to People.com (the pictures aren’t all there until 1pm if you didn’t know!) and could not believe what has become of our society.  Here are just a few reasons why I was totally disgusted with myself americans, the paparazzi, and who is now considered to be important in Hollywood.

THIS GUY: “The Situation”

Getting to throw out the first pitch at a Mets spring training game.  Not that I care about the Mets, and I know spring training games aren’t all that important, however, because someone asked him to do this, and because the whole world fed into his show, he will now think he is important.  He will be fooled into thinking that he’s not a joke, and I hate to tell you dude, you are.

No people, I am not the devil.  I can appreciate the tween/10 year-old fascination with these two.  They are adorable, I get it.  And Disney has definitely gotten their moneys worth.  And yes, I even stopped fast-forwarding through the American Idol results show to watch this exact performance. Joe and Demi are not my issue.  My issue is with the jackasses who named them “Jemi.”

Again, I have no beef with Susan Boyle. She’s talented, and I feel bad for her that she’s been thrown into stardom and isn’t handling it very well.  My problem? The fact that they’re reporting that she’s buying a house.  Hey, good for her, but is that news? It’s kindof like the Us Weekly entries “Stars,they’re just like us!!!” when really, no, no they’re not. Just because Jessica Alba goes running, or Matthew McConaughey walks his dog, it does not mean that they are like me.  I mean, I got my brakes fixed yesterday, and went to Burlington Coat Factory today with my baby… what gossip site is that photo on? 🙂

The day before I was perfectly satisfied with their choice of shots.  A drunk Christina Aguilera, a glowing Mandy Moore at a World Water Day event, and yet another shot of Gwen Stefani with her uber-cute son Kingston… Just what I like to see.  Real stars, with at least some talent who are worthy of our star obsession.  And like I said, I am also to blame, but I could do with seeing a little less “situation” and a little more Angelina and her adorable clan.


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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One Response to A beef with Hollywood

  1. Mrs. Priss says:

    TO-TA-LLY. The Jesse James girls, omg, ENOUGH!

    My daily celeb gossip site is The Superficial, and he keeps putting up bikini shots of random girls. It’s getting annoying… I just want my hot-Hollywood-dads-holding-babies photos please, thanks.

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