Pre-WHAT??? Pre…. WEDDING????

Yes, that’s right folks, PRE-WEDDING weight.  Not that at my wedding I was by any means at my lightest, but it’s just something for me to compare to and check off as one little milestone.  A few weeks back (yeah, I’ve been missing the last few weeks due to too many jobs, some high stress, and continuous vom episodes) I said that I was certain I’d be in the 160’s the following week… and in fact, I was!!  And this weekend, when I stepped on the scale, knowing that I would actually have time to participate in McFatty Monday, I hoped that that number would not disappoint me and jump back into the one-seven-zero range, and this week, that scale was once again my friend and read…..


I can’t remember my exact wedding weight, but I know it was in the high 160’s and since I was about 173 three months later when I got preggers,  I’m pretty confident that I’m below my wedding weight, even if it’s only by a fraction of a pound. 

All good news, no?  Yes, I really am happy… though I can’t say it was because of my hard work and diligence.  I’ve done zero activity in the last month besides renovations and flood demolition at my mother’s house, and though I’ve been watching what I eat, I haven’t been very strict considering my time limitations with all that I’m juggling.  I’ll even admit it, I ate mcdonalds maybe a few times once.  What has probably helped me the most is that for almost 4 weeks now I have felt on the verge of barfing and eating too much makes it way worse.  That’s not really the way I wanted to succeed, but I suppose I can use it as motivation because I have less to lose on my own, the way I want to, with diet and exercise. 

The pants I most recently started fitting into are now starting to get loose, which means maybe next week I’ll dive back into the dreaded drawer of clothes that don’t fit, and try to squeeze on a few more pairs of pants in hopes that I’ll win back more of my long lost wardrobe (and in turn, gain a little bit more motivation). 

I’ll remain a little frustrated, however, knowing that I am still too busy to exercise.  Before I got my second job, I was getting into a routine to exercise right after Owen went to bed, but now, that time is 100% taken up with job #2, emergency laundry, and prep for the next day.  Notice that “pay attention to Dave” isn’t in there… that’s because I have zero time for that either.  So, if I had an extra minute, I would focus on saying hi to him before I’d even think about popping in Jillian Michaels or taking the time to drive to the gym.  So, until I can find that better paying job (which I am on the search for, I’m making the effort, I swear!!) or until my boss realizes that her comment of “we pay you nothing” is not getting me any more money until she does something about it, then I will have to put exercise on the back burner, which is sad to me, because that’s what’s going to change my body shape, the part of this whole weight loss thing that I’m looking for.  Not to mention the stress relief it brings.  But, at least I’m still seeing results, and once my life is back on track, I’ll be toned and hot!

 Congrats to Blair!!! It must feel so good to realize that it can be done and to see that 1-9 there on the scale!!!


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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2 Responses to Pre-WHAT??? Pre…. WEDDING????

  1. Trace says:

    ummm, you are PHENOMENAL!!!!! go you!!!! with another impending-ahem, day of floor-laying, you’ll be wasting away to nothing soon! 🙂

  2. heirtoblair says:

    AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are seriously amazing. We both hit HUGE milestones this week!

    ::roger rabbits across blog::

    & dude…I hear you. You set the priorities & sometimes, exercise ranks near the bottom. It happens. It’s that way for me, too. & it’s okay.

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