Stacy and Clinton, this is NO joke

I’ve already posted to Stacy and Clinton to let them know just how desperately I need a complete transformation.  I’m dressing for the job I had right out of college, rather than the CEO position I’m aiming for, which is what the rules state (dress for the job you want…. yeah, I’m aiming for the sky 🙂 )  Anyway, the other day I added one more reason to the list of why I need that $5000 more than ever.

I spent hours and hours shopping with my mom last weekend… HOURS.   We happily went through every store, on a mission for pajamas that might fit owen… (with no luck, mind you, I finally gave up and ordered them online, BIG mistake when you can’t actually feel the fabric or see just how warped the proportions are, but I digress).  We got to our last store of the day.  I decided to have a little fun and race into the store with owen in his carriage, giving him a little bit of a ride since he had been perfect the whole day.

Until I hear my mom laughing her ass off behind me and yelling “we are buying you new jeans in there!”  I exclaimed back “yeah, I know they don’t fit me anymore, but I only have jeans that are too big or too small, and I’m not spending the money on in-between jeans because I’m waiting to fit in my smaller ones!”  There, I had told her!!  I guess not, because her reply???  I don’t even need to say what she said, because this is her reason for yelling at me:


Yup, my ass, for the world to see… or should I say, my grandma undies, luckily with no holes in the back, for the world to see.  Which reminds me, that suggestion Dave had that maybe it’s time to buy some new undies since all of mine look like the dogs have torn them to shreds?  Perhaps it’s time I do that as well.


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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One Response to Stacy and Clinton, this is NO joke

  1. Jenny says:

    Oh no!! I hate when that happens. Yesterday, I discovered a hole in my favorite (and only) khakis and I don’t really want to buy any clothes right now either 😦

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