Measures of success

Have you ever watched the trainwreck that is “Celebrity Fit Club”?  Well, I am sorry if you have, but it’s just another one of my frequent guilty pleasures.  You know how every week Ant says (or now the panel because they have sadly gotten rid of Ant) “Remember, the scales don’t lie.”??   Well, I call bull$&@t.

I’ll start off this week saying I have nothing but GOOD news.  I feel like every week I complain and make excuses and hope that I’m not the only one seeing no loss on the scales.  And still, in the however many weeks I’ve been doing this, I still don’t see much movement on the scales, but this week after looking back from the beginning I’m realizing that the scales really do lie… maybe??

The good news:  I lost three pounds this week, I’m now down to 172, and I’m confident that next week there  will be a 1-6 in the beginning of my weight. 

The GREAT news:  Though it was only 3 lbs, I fit in THREE more pairs of pants that I did not fit in previously… THREE

The WEIRD news:  I have only lost 3.8 lbs since I started… That’s THREEpointeight.  Which is why I am calling BS to celebrity fit club’s catch phrase.  Considering an average woman’s weight can fluctuate like 5 pounds on any given day (yes, I’m making up statistics) that means that I technically might not have lost ANY weight.  Heck, I weighed myself Saturday and was down to 170, and today back up to 172, so where’s the sense in that?? I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat 7,000 extra calories within that time. 

So anyway, back to my theory.  Is it possible to not lose ANY weight, yet still get smaller?  Yes, apparently, and I am living proof.  So, although one of my main goals is to have my weight start with a one-five, I can’t be too concerned as long as I’m feeling better with myself and fitting into my goal clothes.  And I am feeling better, and I can see a difference, and it’s not like my pants can lie to me to make me feel better by magically fitting this week.  They are the only friends I can rely on to be brutally honest no matter what, squeezing whatever they want to squeeze, and creating whatever muffin top my spare tire will allow that day. 

So, of course I’m happy with those 3 pounds, and I’m holding on to motivation for this week to get myself to the 160’s, which will REALLY feel good.  But what’s really keeping me motivated are my trusty pants.  Slowly letting me know that they’re coming back into my life to stay (or at least until I pop another one out) and that they’ve got my back (and my thighs and my waist).  That pesky scale lies to me, probably why most people consider it the devil. 

I swear, measurements and pictures to follow… cause I need someone else to tell me I’m not crazy and that I look different, no matter what that fat-liar scale says.

PS… BLAIR!! Way to go on your first MILESTONE!!!  I can’t believe how successful this has been for you, and holy cow, WHAT a difference in the pictures!!! You’re beautiful 🙂


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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2 Responses to Measures of success

  1. Blair says:

    aww, thanks!!!

    maybe it’s muscle?? Which is leaner & sucking everything in, but weighs more than fat so you’re actually losing fat, gaining muscle, getting smaller, but not budging on the scale?

    Which, in turn, proves that the scale IS A LIAR.

    You are doing awesome. & I demand pictures once you are in skinny pants.

  2. Mrs.Joe says:

    I agree with Blair. I think the scale is a rotten liarpants. The numbers on the measuring tape definitely do not lie. Good for you!! And thanks for keeping me accountable 🙂

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