Shameless product placement

I work in marketing, and I get very angry when I watch one of my favorite trainwrecks reality shows, the Biggest Loser, and they BLATANTLY and shamefully put a product into a scene.  It’s obvious it’s scripted, or at least directed, and who really believes that a slice of sugarfree gum is better than dessert?? REALLY?

But, here I am, and I’m going to be flat out honest here.  I’m writing a review for a baby website with some seriously cute products for you and for your family and friends.  The sweet folks over at Corner Stork Baby Gifts asked if I wanted to take a look at their products, write a review, and make them my very first sponsor on my blog.  WHAT??  ME??  I don’t want to get too excited about it, there’s a good chance that every single person reading this was offered the same thing, and  if that’s the case, then please don’t tell me, I’m feelin’ pretty good right now, I’m feeling loved. 

Anyhoo, I wanted to be sure before I agreed that their website was not just the same cheezy baby gifts that people buy you and then sit in the closet until you can re-gift them to someone who might appreciate it or at least pretend to.  And so, I perused the site and found that not only are there some truly cute things, but there are things I actually WANT.  For me, this is rare, I hate most baby things.  If it says “mommy’s little something” or “slugger” or “chick magnet” or anything of the such, then I’m appalled.  But to my surprise, the items on Corner Stork were mostly original, with what seems like endless options, for any price range.  I really do suggest that you go there, especially if you’re looking for a good gift for someone.  I already have some items picked out for myself and for two of my friends who are due this summer!  Here is my shameless plug of the items I will be purchasing in the next week or so!! 

This doggie hooded towel.  Maybe it was the fact that this little guy seems to be a rival of Owen’s to win cutest baby ever, but I couldn’t resist.  I only own ONE baby towel that fits Owen now, and although it’s fine to use our every day towels, it’s so much cuter to put a naked child in a wrap that makes him resemble a dog 🙂




We do all of our own renovations and home improvement projects at our house.   Dave owns every tool under the sun.  We want Owen to learn REAL early how to be handy. When he’s a little older, we will buy him some hartier play tools, but for now, while he’s still constantly hitting himself in the face with whatever he’s holding, I think these are safer!



I will also be hitting up the site when my friends’ baby showers are being planned.  The shower favors are endless and seriously, not even a lie, better than ANY other site I’ve seen.   They actually have practical shower gifts that guests will actually want.  Numerous personalized options (wine glasses and champagne flutes) and fun drink options.  And most are under like $3.00 each, which is unheard of.  They also have shower invites and some funny shower games.  I can’t wait until spring when the planning begins!

Might I also suggest the stylish diaper bags, if I didn’t already have two, I would DEFINITELY get one.  They’re pretty reasonably priced, and look way cooler than your typical babies r us options.  If I have some extra money, it’s on my list of “nice to haves” particularly the Kristi G Everything Tote in “city swirls”.  Unfortunately there are no girls in my family, and none of my friends will be having one either because I LOVE the girl options, especially the jewelry.  I always buy little girl babies a bracelet, or necklace, just as a keepsake, but I’m usually limited to TJMaxx options, which are only a few.  Corner Stork has some great ones.

Lastly, the site also has a blog and a birthday club.  The blog has a good amount of categories (angelina jolie?) and have some good ideas and product reviews.  Some of the blog entries touch on subjects that we shameless entertainment junkies seek out, talking up such things as Britney Spears and Kourtney Kardashian (yeah, like you gals don’t “keep up” with her).  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the site, and have put it on my favorites as a great go-to when I need a gift that’s not on a registry. 

The one thing I was sad about?  That this did not come in any size larger than 6 months:

I thought I had found Owen’s Halloween costume for next year, and was very disappointed to find that it would even be too small for him now.  Maybe by October it’ll be available in size 24 months?? 🙂


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