One little thing changes everything

Things I remember about life pre-baby:

  1. Taking long, hot showers that last forever
  2. Drinking 3 glasses of wine after a long hard day
  3. Taking 8 hours to complete an OCD house cleaning mission
  4. Deciding at the last minute to “run” to the mall or “grab” something to eat
  5. Waking up at 7:30 am and still making it to work by 8
  6. Staying up until midnight and knowing I’d have enough sleep to function the next day
  7. Spending weekends down the cape or in new hampshire for drinking weekends
  8. Going to the gym 2 hours almost every day
  9. Watching movies that started after 8 pm
  10. Long, fantastic naps on cold saturdays
  11. Impromptu girls’ nights
  12. Impromptu shagging sessions
  13. Real adult conversations (aka not ONE thing said about babies)
  14. “Let’s get drunk and play mariokart” date nights
  15. Being lazy
  16. Full nights of uninterrupted, pleasant sleep
  17. Make-up was not required to make me look human
  18. Endless computer time
  19. Clean laundry
  20. Brain function

Things I can not recall (or know never happened) about life pre-baby

  1. Relying so much on other people
  2. Getting angry at every driver because they are being WAY to dangerous
  3. Letting my house get to an infectious dirt level
  4. Forgetting how to speak English
  5. Forgetting how to put the car in park or drive
  6. Requiring 10 bags to go ANYWHERE
  7. Wearing jeans 4 days in a row until I can do laundry
  8. Considering “cleaning” a quick wipedown with lysol wipes
  9. Having leg hair that puts chewbacca to shame
  10. Considering exercising twice a pretty good week
  11. Putting aside money for 18 years down the road
  12. Wanting a boob job
  13. Thinking stretch marks are sexy
  14. The preference to shop at Carters and Gap Baby over Express and Limited
  15. Peeing a little bit every time I cough, sneeze, or fart
  16. Laughing so hard because of of baby talk
  17. Singing “five little monkeys” over, and over, and over….
  18. Pushing a cart back and forth and bouncing in a store (even if there’s NO baby there)
  19. Being so enamoured with how manly Dave can be with a baby
  20. Loving someone more than I could ever imagine loving someone
  21. Being so happy

About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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2 Responses to One little thing changes everything

  1. Jenny says:

    uh oh . . . I pee a little bit every time I laugh now and I’m not even close to knocked up yet! I also have hairy legs. Poor Mr. Joe doesn’t have much to look forward to I guess 🙂

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