5 months of life

I’m a few days late, and did not post a “4 months in review” but this month I was determined to recollect all of the milestones that have occurred in the last month.  At 4 months old I contemplated writing a little summary of Owen’s life thus far.  But, at 4 months, not much had happened.  Sure, he was double the size he was at birth, and could do things like hold his head up and sleep alone in his crib.  But beyond that, his days were mostly the same.  Up in the morning, then all day was spent eating, napping, and laying on his back playing with a dangling toy (sometimes interrupted with ANOTHER attempt at tummy time).  But what a difference a month makes! 

"Hey babe, what's your sign?"

In one month alone, Owen has changed more than he did in his first 4 months of life.  He works in his “office” (aka jumperoo and exersaucer) constantly, holds himself up in it, and jumps as though he’ll go through the ceiling.  He rolls over (in both directions!) to get something he wants, and to get out of the still dreaded tummy time.  He can sit up in a chair and even can use his ab muscles to pull himself up to grab something.  He’s eating mushy food (though still not totally successfully!) and can hold his own bottle.  He now lets others hold him rather than just me, and does not spend every second with strangers or crowds screaming.  He’s completely ferberized HIMSELF and happily goes to bed every night at 7 on the dot.  (thank you for that Owen).  He makes an attempt now when on our laps or on the rug  on his belly to pull or push himself in a crawling motion.  He now plays in the tub and splashes and knows it’s funny when he gets me all wet.  He holds a book on his own and even attempts to turn the pages. 

So many things in one month… so many things that make him seem so grown up to me.  With every day I see more and more growth, maturing, and he’s becoming the happy baby I always hoped he would be (it was questionable that he’d ever get there!)  So many little things I’m probably forgetting, but all for which I’m so proud.  With every new milestone I look at him and my eyes tear up, and I choke on my words telling him what a big boy he is.  Even now, sitting here writing, I can feel that knot in my stomach and the water in the corner of my eyes. 

Day 1

5 months seemed like forever, yet it seems like yesterday I held him for the first time.  I still remember every minute of labor, every minute in the hospital.  I still remember my time being pregnant, it seems like an eternity ago, but still so fresh in my mind.  Every day I complain about how tired I am, how the house is a mess, and how we’re never going to have a chance to relax.  But in reality, when I sit back and think about all of the joy he has brought me, and how AMAZING Dave is with him, it makes it all worth it.  Every minute.  Every sleepless night, every cranky hour.  He’s truly the love of my life, and he’s growing up so fast.  Pretty soon he’ll be mobile, going up and down the halls, then standing, then walking!  Any day now his first tooth is coming through, we can already see a speck of white forcing it’s way out. 

I never thought that at 5 months I would still cry when I think about how much I love him.  I never thought that I could spend so much time kissing him, holding his hands, and putting everything I need to do aside, just to play 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.  Sometimes I think it’s my hormones that make me well up when I see him successfully try something new.  It must be the hormones that cause me to cry when I see a son running to his mom after getting off the bus, right?  But then I think about it.  The love I feel for him is greater than anything I’ve ever experienced.  As an already emotional person, I have no chance of escaping the tears when I haven’t seen him in too long, when he grows, or when he hurts. 

So, 5 months into this thing called motherhood, and I’m still alive.  No worse for the wear (well, there’s still that husband stitch that causes pain from time to time).  Every day does get easier, especially now.  I look ahead to his 6 month birthday and can’t imagine what he’ll be like then.  Crawling?  Teeth?  Eating everything in sight?  Time will tell.  Goals?  More successful tummy time… otherwise he’ll NEVER crawl.  Sleeping through the night.  Hopefully with more food this will happen.  And last, perhaps if he wouldn’t scream every time he sees Dave’s dad?? yeah, that would be nice.


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Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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