The judging has gotten to my head…

I got to work this morning, did my usual morning routine: 1.) check work email 2.) check yahoo email 3.) check to see if Blair has a new blog (stalk much?) and found the next installment of guest blog week.  Today it was Mandy from Harper’s Happenings and the topic got me inspired…. Judging.  Every little thing we do as moms is judged, whether it’s considered good or “oh my GOD, who let her procreate!?!?”  I immediately remembered a dream I had last week that I swore I would NEVER share in the blogging world because 1.) it’s embarrassing that I care THAT MUCH about what others think (perhaps in my dream I cared more than normal, or maybe my subconscious is what I’m really feeling) and 2.) If Blair ended up perusing my blog after reading McFatty Monday, she might consider applying for a restraining order 🙂

In my dream I actually got to MEET Blair, a dream probably a lot of us have, since we all feel like we know her inside and out.  Except in my dream, Blair hated me… she come to me specifically to tell me that the blog world hates me and they all wish I would stop writing.  I was devastated. 

That’s it.  It was so quick, but so powerful.  I started this blog thinking no one would ever read it, but it made me happy to write about daily life and having the ability to go back and remember things.  But after that dream, I wondered “is it true?”  Should I just stop?  Should I quit McFatty Monday because everyone wants to ignore my post anyway???  Seriously?  At this point I was sure I should be committed, and really, I don’t believe that everyone hates me, as I have had some supportive comments and am still getting hits.  But what Mandy said is true, we all do worry about everyone out there judging us, and we shouldn’t!  We’re all just here to share what we live every day, and if someone doesn’t like it, then there are a million other mommy blogs out there to subscribe to 🙂  I have a happy life, stressful as it may be sometimes, and my real friends and family are truly the ones I should worry about. 

I’m never going to be the world’s most popular blogger (shout out to Blair here!) and my 10 readers a day are good enough for me 🙂  And yes, I put rice cereal in my baby’s bottle at night to try to get more sleep, and you know what else?  I sometimes stay at work a few minutes extra to have just those few moments of peace before my nightly baby routine begins.  But do I love my baby?  Yes, more than anything.  And do I love to blog?  YES.  So, haters, back off 🙂


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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One Response to The judging has gotten to my head…

  1. mandy says:

    yes, i’m visiting every blog that commented on my guest post today. hi!

    i too have been terrified at times of people judging me and my blog (because my blog is ME, my feelings, my opinions) and who wants to be judged? it feels awful. it inspired my post. believe it or not, i wrote that before the crap that went down last week on blair’s blog, where she was horribly judged unfairly.

    we are all trying to do the same thing: raise healthy happy children. keep blogging and if you do ever get a nasty comment, delete and move forward. people sitting behind their computers can be nasty. and are probably just jealous.

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