I blame nature…

So, there IS good news… My weight for the week is 175 lbs.  The bad news is that last week my weight was 175.8 lbs.  Any loss is a good loss, but I really did expect to see a smaller number there.  I am not going to beat myself up though, I’m attributing it entirely to nature….  According to my calendar, something of a menstrual nature was supposed to arrive this weekend.  My belly has become bloated beyond recognition (even more fluffy than normal 🙂 ).  And, I’m guessing that since I am lacking on my water intake, that is why I am constipated as well.  We’re all friends here, right?  You can hear all about it!

So… with those two physical drawbacks, I’m guessing my 0.8 lb loss is a little modest… even if that is not the case, at least my mind thinks so, which is keeping me motivated.  If I were not about to explode from uterine and intestinal situations, then my motivation would wane, and that is NEVER good when you’re trying to accomplish something.  So, for now we’ll accept my excuse, and use it to try harder this week (and drink more water!).

How did my goals go?  I’m glad I made goals.  1.) it gave me something to strive for and 2.)  It helped me realize that some goals are NOT realistic.  Any lessons I can learn from this are beneficial, and I learned, as a sleep-deprived (up 4 times last night… FOUR) full-time working mom, it is just NOT realistic to say I will only have Starbucks twice in one week… So, I am going to have to sacrifice somewhere else because I will NEVER make that a goal again!!  Perhaps I can switch to a grande instead of a venti?  🙂

I did come through on my other two goals, however.  I did not eat ANY McDonalds, and I worked out 1 1/2 times.  I know I could have worked out a lot more if 1.) The Jillian Michaels Wii game actually worked (hence my 1/2 time working out) and 2.) My child was not sick all week with a 102 degree fever, barfing, and lack of eating.  So, now that we are past that illness, I’m hoping the workouts this week will improve.  And, at least now I know not to fight with the Wii game and waste TONS of time trying to get it to work… apparently no one can get it to work, according to Amazon. 

I started The Shred with Jillian last Tuesday, and seriously, she kicked my ass.  I could not believe that in 25 minutes I would feel any pain, or feel like I had worked out at all… well, you know the girl in the back who is doing the “modified” version for those of who are slow and out of shape?  I had to modify the modification.  That’s right, I was THAT out of shape that I seriously had to dumb down the dummy version.  But at least I still felt sore and was out of breath from that, and as time goes by, I’ll get better, as long as I find the time to keep going! 

My eating went very well (except for my MAJOR fail on Friday) but hey, we all have indulgent days.  Instead of jumping right into a “diet” or weight watchers, I decided to make little changes, taking one step at a time.   So, I had salad most days for lunch, but I still added high calorie craisins, and high fat sunflower seeds (I know they aren’t “unhealthy” but those things really add up!)  I also still used my favorite salad dressing: Marie’s creamy garlic italian.  So fatty, but I need to do this in little steps.  If I went right for the “low fat vinaigrette” then I would not have wanted salad for more than one day.  For breakfast I was good and stuck with yogurt and fruits, and always had fruit for a snack.  I finally had time to cook dinner for  Dave and I, so we were able to eat well rounded meals… I just have to work on the portions, which will come later once I’m used to the better food.  At least all of these were better than a big mac and fries, even if the portions were still big!!

So, this week was overall a success.  After one more week of eating better meals I am going to start doing weight watchers.  I have done it before, and with some success (when I actually counted), but I wanted to take baby steps and knew jumping right into portions and points would be too much for me.  So, this week I will make myself some similar goals and hope that I can continue to see smaller numbers on the scale (and hopefully a MUCH smaller number than this week.)


1.) Work out AT LEAST 2 times.  I’m scared about this but need to make it a goal.  I’m starting my part-time job this week, so if I can’t find time at work to get part-time work done, then I’ll be doing it at night, cutting into exercise and sleep time.  I’ll make it work though, somehow!

2.)  DRINK WATER!!  I brought my water bottle today, so I just need to keep it flowing!

3.) No McDonald’s (if I do not continue to make this a goal, I will not feel as guilty when I’m out running errands and somehow convince myself that McDonalds is the ONLY option for me when I’m busy and in the car all day)

Tonight will be not so good because we are celebrating my mom’s and brother-in-law’s birthday, and I am not going to deprive myself of the kahlua trifle I made, but if I can make that my only bad night, I won’t be in too bad shape!  And hopefully I will get my period out of the way (though if it’s anything like last month, my first since Owen was born, I will still have it for the next weigh in with a vengeance!), and with lots of fruit and water I’ll be good and clean, so next week’s weigh-in will be much more satisfying!!

PS. CONGRATS BLAIR!  You’ll get your groove working out, too… for the first month I was back to work I had NO TIME for anything.  Now he goes to bed earlier and more consistently, so you find  A LOT more time to be productive!! You can’t expect to have your full routine after 1 week back to work, it’s like your world turns upside down!!  You’ll get it!  But in the meantime, weight loss is GOOD!!!  (and as Harrison begins to love jumping, your arms will become pure muscle! That’s my only arm workout!)


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Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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