Someone pinch me

As you may have noticed, Dave and I are poor (see 9 million “poor me” posts below).  No one to blame but ourselves, but because of this debacle we find ourselves in, I went on a frantic search for a part time job that I can do from home.  Every year we both have had 2nd jobs, but usually they are ones that we must go somewhere to do, and the hours are evenings or weekends.  Since the kiddo has arrived, the two hours between work and baby bedtime are precious, and who knows what the weekends will bring! 

So, back to the job search.  I went on craigslist thinking that there must be some at home job that does not include data entry or annoying families while they eat dinner by telemarketing.  Narrowing my search to “part time” and “telecommute” left me very few choices, and only one jumped out at me immediately:  Contract Blogger.  WHAT?? My interests were more than peaked.  I opened said post and sure enough, not only were they asking for a blogger, but they were asking a blogger to blog about technology, photography, and media.  WHAT??? 

Okay, I may not be the most well-versed in any of those things, but I’m interested in all of them, good enough right?  The posting asked for the applicant to forward a resume, all blog links, social media pages, and an example of a blog that you would write for their company.  I felt very odd sending my resumé; I mean, what does a product manager or chemical engineer have to do with blogging.  But they asked for it.  I also felt odd forwarding my blog.  This is something not even Dave is allowed to read; my family doesn’t even know about it, and I would NEVER show it to someone I work with!  Eh, what the heck, they’ll probably take one look at all my stuff, have a good laugh at my fat belly, and move on to the next QUALIFIED applicant. 

How surprised was I that less than an hour later I got an email from the company saying they were interested in seeing me about the position… WHAT???  (sorry for all of the “WHATS”, this just all seems too good to be true to me).  She thought I fit very well for the job.  SERIOUSLY?  What part of my blog did it for you?  The endless CAPS and …’s or the amazing stretch-mark laden fupa?  Whatever it was, she was impressed.  I might not understand it, but I’ll take it!! 

I went down there today… very last minute interview.  Called up Nona, got her to babysit, and dolled myself up in the fanciest “non-suit” outfit I could find.  (what do bloggers wear? should I wear jeans and seem like a cool laid back blogger?   or be the professional I was taught to be; you NEVER show up without a suit!!!)  I figured I would find a happy medium.  Probably could have gone with jeans.  She immediately told me that she wanted me to do a two week trial and if I decide I can handle it, and she doesn’t hate it, then we’ll go on!!  I felt a little discomfort when I started trying to remember what embarrassing things I had said on my blog that she may have read.  The only thing that continued to shoot through my mind was McFatty Monday, seriously, Dave isn’t even allowed to stare at that belly, now my employer has seen it. 

What will I be blogging about??? I can’t even believe it myself.  My topics include: 

1.)  Photography:  I’m no expert, but I have two very very nice cameras and some fancy photoshop software.  I’d like to think I don’t suck.

2.)  Green Brands: hey we all want to help save the environment

3.)  Clean tech products:  I work in a manufacturing medical device industry, we’re constantly looking for new innovative clean tech products

4.)  Advertising related to clean tech:  Okay, this was too easy… I’m in MARKETING at a technical company focused on sustainability

5.)  AND THIS ONE IS THE KICKER: SOCIAL MEDIA SITES…. that’s right folks, I get to blog about goings-on on facebook (and other social sites)… SERIOUSLY???  My favorite procrastination site is now something I get to BLOG about??? You’ve got to be kidding me. 

I wrote in my last complaining post about how things always seem to work out for us.  The money always magically comes to fruition the SECOND we need it.  We’re always biting our nails until that very moment, but somehow, every time, we pull through.  This is no different.  In my desperation, I went looking for ANYTHING I can do to make some extra money.   This company happened to be interviewing THE NEXT DAY for the position that I felt was PERFECT for me.  They are paying me substantially good money, to sit on my computer and do my favorite past-time.  Allowing me to see my son for the 2 hours a day I am allotted to see him.  Allowing me to eat for the next few months (until I get us in another situation). 

I wonder if all the techies out there would like to see my belly?  🙂


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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