Lots of Tylenol and kisses…

We had our first “emergency” trip to the doctor this morning.  We got up, got dressed in our best “I haven’t slept in days” sweatshirt and jeans (sweatpants for Owen) and packed up for the germ-filled fiesta that is the Dr’s office.  I thought I was being smart.  I’ll get there at 8:25 (walk-in hours are at 8:30) and get right in.  Little did I know, every child and their mother (well, not their mother, mother’s require a different doctor) were sick as well.  As we entered and had to sit in one of the baby seats at the train table (YES, I sat my 176 lb ass down on one of the child seats, and was SURE everyone was staring and waiting for me to go down like an avalanche) I started having extreme fear of all of the germs that were surrounding me… ALL of these children were sick, that is why they were there.  When I normally go to the doctor, it’s during “appointment” hours, so I can safely assume that most of the children there are there for routine appointments, no germs, just a lovely check-in.  Not this time… ew, what could these kids have and what will I be feeling like in 24 hours? 

A seat quickly opened up and I was able mosey over to a big girl chair, and promptly noticed the “no food” sign and again, felt the stares as I hid my GINORMOUS starbucks (yes, again… that’s #4 for the week, damn, twice my goal) into my DIAPER BAG…  luckily with all the crap we shove in there, it was safely bundled on the side, with no chance of falling over.  We were called in by the doctor, the same doctor we had last week for Owen’s 4 month appointment where she exclaimed “didn’t I JUST see you?”.  My response: “yes, he obviously couldn’t have chosen to be sick LAST WEEK so that we could have made it in one fell swoop.” 

After some unfomfortableness of a thermometer stuck up his butt, and some screaming from being poked and prodded on his chest and in his ears and mouth, it was confirmed.  He’s just sick.  Fever of 102?  Just sick… throwing up?  eh, just sick.  not eating?  sick.  runny nose?  sick.  The cure?  Tylenol, pedialyte, and lots of kisses.  Watch out for an ear infection though, because with a runny nose it can come on in a matter of hours.  How does a mom know that it’s now an ear infection?  “well, runny nose, crankiness when laid down, and a fever… pretty much everything he’s experiencing now… so you may not know when it’s turned to an ear infection.” 

REALLY??  Not that I am angry at the lady, she was extremely nice and caring, and told me repeatedly how handsome Owen is… how can I be mad at someone who gushes at my beautiful baby??  But seriously… I wanted some magic cure.  My poor baby has been beside himself, barely eating and sleeping, and whining all night.  Cuddling his head on my shoulder (which he NEVER does) and just not himself.  There have been so many times that I have shed a tear for him, telling him that I wish I could fix it… telling God that it’s not fair that he’s sick, he doesn’t understand what’s going on.  I cringe when he suffers.  I now understand motherhood.  You may feel bad for other people when they are sick, or when their children are sick (my nephew just got over bronchiolitis and an ear infection, and I felt bad, and did not envy my sister who didn’t sleep for WEEKS), but I now know what it feels like to swear you’d do anything to fix their pain.  You’d gladly feel like crap every second if they could just be happy.  I’m SO scared for the day that comes where he’s truly miserable.  At least now we’re getting some happy moments, but on those days, where he barely wakes, and does nothing but cry, what will I do???   Don’t even get me started about when he has to have surgery in a few months!!!

Where did my head go?  This was a funny blog, not a sentimental, lovey-dovey family blog… Anyway…

So, that’s it.  Keep pumping him full of Tylenol, and keep him drinking fluids.  No breast milk, only formula and Pedialyte (no problem there, keeps my stock up in the freezer!) and just give him lots of kisses… THAT I can handle… Now, if only we could get some sleep 🙂


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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One Response to Lots of Tylenol and kisses…

  1. roncap says:

    I know it’s been awhile and I am not sure how I landed on this post but I did. I despise it when my son is sick, HATE IT!!!

    But I hope all is well.

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