My own McFatty Monday… Here we go!

Four months and four days ago I weighed 220 pounds… TWO HUNDRED and twenty (probably more by my last day due to the fact that the atlantic ocean was contained under my skin).  I remember the day that I went to the doctor during my pregnancy and had hit the 200 mark… It was devastating.  Not that I wasn’t expecting it, I started at 176 lbs, so it was impossible not to hit that milestone, but that did not make it any easier.  I had always told myself that I would be sure I was at a healthy weight before I got pregnant… well, I also said that about my wedding!!  And I did not lose weight for either. 

When I met my husband I was a svelte 145 pounds… On a 5’8″ frame that is not too bad!!  I look back at pictures of us and think, “who were those sexy people???”  Luckily we have “grown” together, and Dave has gained 30 pounds with me… amazing that we have stayed in sync, must have been meant to be 🙂

I am a week late in starting the “McFatty Monday that “Blair” has so smartly started so that all of us Fatty mothers (and probably some non-mothers or old pros) can try to do this together.  I have attempted to recruit some of those around me to do a weight loss competition, but I have found 1.) Everyone is skinny or only has 5 lbs to lose or 2.) Everyone actually has time to commit to this endeavor.  Why wouldn’t I do it with these people?  That seems weird to turn down any motivation I can get with the help of those around me… Well, I have a lot of weight to lose, and I have ZERO time to do it.  If I see everyone around me succeed quickly because they have the motivation of a contest and I’m left in the dust, there goes my motivation, and my confidence.  I need REAL people to help me with this, and new mothers know better than anyone how hard it is to find the time. 

I am certainly not expecting to ever get back to my ideal 145 lb mark… No way, why be unrealistic???  I’ll never get there, which would ruin any chance I have of keeping my confidence that I can make my goal.  Instead, I’m hoping for something in the 150s?  Seeing a 1 and a 5 as the first two digits would change my world. 

How am I going to do this?  I have not had a very good start… Already I have spent almost every Monday for the last month stocked up on healthy snacks and a filled fridge of waters and lean meats.  Inevitably SOMETHING throws me off track.  It’s mostly my fault, I give in SO easily to temptation when my day does not go exactly as planned.  I especially lose my motivation the second I try on an outfit for the day and it does not fit the way that it used to, or not at all… I find that with most of my clothes… My once curvy sexy (even at 176 lbs) figure is no longer.  I’m now a box.  All muscle I used to have from running 6 miles a day is gone…Although I may have been considered “overweight” by many standards, at least I was in shape, and my clothes fit me and accentuated the aspects I liked to accentuate… Fast forward 9 months of pregnancy and 4 months of motherhood and I am the epitome of “mom”…. Saggy double D’s, fupa… you name it, I have it.  And I hate every inch of it…. and that has GOT to change…. So, now, I rely on my new support system, the gals of McFatty Monday.  No longer will I be the stalker on Blair’s blog (and others).  Instead I will be right in the thick of this challenge, with my body and weight and challenges for all to see.  I’m hoping this will be the perfect mix of accountability and empathetic support… These girls are real.  These are girls I can be weak in front of, because they are not accustomed to my facade of strength and humor.  They are not my sister who complains how she cannot lose the rest of her “baby weight” when in fact she is skinnier now than she was before her 10 month old was born, they are not my friends who have all the time in the world to cook healthy meals and spend hours at the gym… Real people.  Real struggles… People just like me. 

It starts today.

Goals for this week:

1.) Exercise at LEAST once… if I can get two workouts in, I’ll be SO happy (This would be amazing to accomplish because I have only had the priviledge of going to the gym ONCE since Owen was born!)

2.) Do not eat ANY McDonald’s.

3.) Only get Starbucks TWO times.  (Yes, I am a Starbucks snob, I cannot go a day without it.. unfortunately I only crave the sweet high calorie drinks!)

Starting weight and picture to follow… Let it all hang out 😦

Okay, here are my stats… I decided to also take measurements and figure that every week I can take some measurements in case the scale decides to have an off week 🙂  You will notice a couple of things in the “before” pictures as well… 1.) I somehow managed to take these pictures at an angle where my two friends chin 2 and chin 3 are absent… I don’t know how I did it, but don’t be fooled, they’ve been staying with me for quite some time… and 2.) my arms actually aren’t that bad… we can thank Owen for being 16 pounds and demanding “5 little monkeys” every minute that he’s awake. 

Weight:  175.8 (yes, this is actually less than I was pre pregnancy.. however, before pregnancy I had SO MUCH more muscle, but thanks to an excruciating pelvic bone and a dislocated shoulder during most of my pregnancy, I was lucky to be able to walk and therefore lost ALL of it… I’m like dough)

Chest: 43″

Waist: 35″

Hips: 39.5″

Thigh: 24″

Arm: 12″

And… the pièce de résistance, no turning back, the world has now seen what I do not even allow Dave to see (he told me he would take the pictures, and told me he’d never judge… I still wouldn’t let him take them!)


About Krista

Livin the poor life with the typical american family; husband, baby, and dogs. Happy to tell it like it is, the ins and outs of being a young, hip mom can be more hilarious than one might think ;)
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